Effective contract management and administration services

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Detailed Contract Management and Administration

Dispute the need to dispute is a philosophy successfully practised by GibConsult, and based on the implementation of professional contract administration preferably introduced at the tender stage of any project.

A signed contract does not automatically mean project success. Changes to large-scale projects are bound to happen due to factors such as unplanned human actions and/or inactions, complex interface problems and other unforeseen factors such as e.g. strikes.  GibConsult provides preventative contract management and administration services, which have definite advantages.

Our Service Include


Contract analysis

Complete and uncompromising analysis of contracts, from tender stage through execution to warranty period.


Contract guidance

Responsible guidance through the contract commercial complexities in every phase of the project. We ensure your contracts are clear, efficient and practical, and we minimise unforeseen problems during execution.


Risk identification

You will receive a specific list of the opportunities and risks involved in your contract, notice of and advice for any missing agreements as well as concrete recommendations on how best to benefit from the opportunities and limit the risks identified.


Project execution advice

Optimised commercial project execution to ensure that you stay within the budget, minimise risks, secure milestones, limit expensive legal exposure and reduce conflicts.


Forensic planning and analysis

Determine the cause and effect of specific delaying events, past or present. We prepare supporting advice and reports for detailed ‘Extension of Time’ or liquidated damages claims.

On average all projects have a claim potential of approximately 20% of which 50% are recognised too late or not at all.